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The Process to UNLOCK ALL!

Force 4 is the only game in the Cyber Troopers Virtual-On series that has locked variants of it's initial available stock set of Virtuaroids. Not only that, some "stock" or series of Virtuaroids are not initially available to the new user! These unavailable Virtuaroids are unlocked various ways but only after pain staking hours and hours of play investment is tallied. If this game was not 5 years old, you wouldn't be reading any of this. But to the new VO4 player it's too late in the game to be starting from scratch (w/limited set of Virtuaroids) and play against seasoned regular players and their choice of 93 Virtuaroids! VO-MC now presents (a process) to "all" the solution to jump-on, pick your to-be-favorite of 93 Virtuaroids, practice up, to play against game AI (arcade  & Mission modes) and/or online against friendly opponents! For How-To directions and needed program/file follow the VO-MC weblink. But first check the list of ITEMS NEEDED before begining the edited game save process

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ITEMS NEEDED to begin:
*Your-USB (Thumb) Flash drive
*Your-Xbox 360
*Your-Xbox 360 VO4 game save
*The Completed Set VO4 game save (available here)
*Horizion software (available online)
*Your-Personal computer

5 seperate game save files are in

5 seperate game save files are in this Each includes differant playable VO4 Bosses. Also, each have "hard to find" Shadow Colors of Variants! Your mission is to pick the Boss you'd like available to "play as" and the rest of edited game save is the same. Warning! Playing as a "BOSS" may Freeze the game! But it's still fun to give it a whril!

Find on the net: Horizion software. DL and install


To use edited save files, or anyone else's ordinary save files, there are a lot of different programs out there. Most are free. But we use Horizon

You don't need most of the features of Horizon, it's a bit bloated for our purposes.


After starting the program, you only need to use the Device Explorer and the Package Manager.

First, using the gamertag you want to use, play Force and make a new save file. Then quit Force and on the xbox 360 Dashboard, copy your save to a USB memory stick.

Put the USB memory stick in a PC, and run Horizon. Use the Device Explorer to copy the save file to your PC's hard drive.

Then use the Package Manager to open the save and look at the owner information.

You want to copy down the Profile ID, Device ID, and Console ID.

The Profile ID is the most important one, it's basically the secret name of your gamertag.

Then, use the Package Manager to open the edited save you downloaded from VO-MC.

Replace and paste in the Profile ID, Device ID, and Console ID of your gamertag. Then hit save.

Finally, use the Device Explorer to delete and replace the Force save on your USB memory stick, with the edited and updated save file.

Go back to your 360 Dashboard and copy the save back to your 360, and if using Cloud Save overwrite it with your new save too!


  In Virtual Century MEGA CORP is Collector of Syndicates