VO-MC Partners UP with ZAPCON 2016!

In it's forth year of ZAPCON.com event/party operations, VO-MC affords the time to not only attend but becomes a ZAPCON partner contributor! This VO-MC opportunity was a can't miss! Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram to rock the house?!

Many students were new to Virtual-On and then there were old fellas present who said, "I used to play". Now each have fresh and exciting VO memories! Man, turn the lights-on and open the doors there I was training pilots from the get-go! To some was a refresher course others a completely new experience.

The yatter was awesome coming from everybody,"is that Virtual-On? Check out those twin sticks!" "Wow, what kinda controller is that? I only played with a game pad." Well during these two days, seems that all became very familiar in operating the twin stick controller. And I could not be any happier!

VO-MC held two VOOT tournaments and awarded prize to each winner. Special Thanks to the multitude that played out Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram, casual and tournament! For the others that only stood and stared... well, there's always next year! Maybe...

ZAPCON (www.zapcon.com) started by this regular guy named Wes and friend so and so, they created the 2-day Arcade and pinball convention in the south west desert. Machine dealers , collectors and the regular people too, willingly and without being paid bring their machines yearly to ZAPCON convention site. Some Arcades and Pinballs are sold there too, but nothing leaves the convention floor till the event is over. All machines on the floor are set to FREE-PLAY. Guests buy a single day or weekend ticket and it's game-on from open to close! This year was ZAPCONIV. Next year...ZAPCONV? No matter, you can check out ZAPCON Official Pictures of this years convention via Facebook. Nothin but machines and smiles. Even The DON of VO-MC is found crackin a grin.


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 VIRTUAL-ON-DOJO is US VO Center /LIVE Opponents battle FACE to FACE