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Tokyo and VO... Can't Wait! Well... I'VE Waited 2yrs… Let's go Dammit!

Akihabara/Shinjuku (Tokyo) JAPAN "BATTLE Tour" February 9th and 19th 2018! (Japan's calendar dates)

Are you a big time Sega and Virtual-On fan? You've always wanted to visit Sega of Japan's "holy grail" of arcade centers... but hesitated. Not because "the monetary investment" involved... was the fear of culture shock by going at it… ALONE! Fear no more. Now is your chance to be part of a Western crew on "Zero ground" Japan! We will battle together with and against our Japanese brothers and sisters… on all Virtual-On arcades found in Sega's "holy grail" of game centers in Akihabara and Shinjuku/ Tokyo! Yes... of course.. other's game centers too. Also on the agenda… swizzle noodles in ramen shops, drink sake bombers, visit Japanese Punk/Metal institutions and EVEN… window shop till one of the crew drops!

Oh yeah, buy the new PS4/Vita Virtual-On games on "Zero ground" Tokyo...FEB 15th... day they release!

So if you can make your way… arranging your flight and accommodations... and get on "Zero ground" in or near Akihabara/Tokyo days of or between February 9th and 19th (Japan's calendar dates)... you will have a crew… to run with YOU! Feel free to PM your host's… VOTwinstick or Porcupine any questions you have.

Now is the time for you to research logistics and cost!

From where you are... to Tokyo International Airport (HND) then Mono-rail and JR Line to Akihabara/Tokyo

Pilots VOTwinstick & Porcupine got a head start!

2 TO GO... so far. Plane tickets to Japan & a residence there... have been purchased for your hosts! The apartment reserved in Akihabara can accommodate 2 additional Western VO centric players... That said...if buy your plane tickets to Akihabara/Tokyo for dates between February 9th and 19th (Japan's calendar dates) and want to save on stay accommodations...PM me or Porcupine. The Hosts residence "share-stay" RSVP offer is first come... first served! If you get different quarters but wish to be close to the Hosts and want to know where we will be located… PM!

Assets to ascend:

*Delta - https://www.delta.com

*American - https://www.aa.com

*Hawaiian - https://www.hawaiianairlines.com

*Expedia - https://www.expedia.com

*Travelocity - https://www.travelocity.com

and any of your choosing…

Assets for Places to Stay:

*AirBnb - https://www.airbnb.com

*Booking - https://www.booking.com

*Expedia - https://www.expedia.com

*ZizaikeBnb- http://www.zizaike.com/ (Chinese Landlord? You are on your own here)

And any of your choosing…


(Portion) Map all Arcades, and everything "JACK" in Tokyo! (so far)

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