Aru Majutsu No Index / Cyber troopers Virtual-On

March 9th Sega of Japan sends out official announcement of collaboration To Aru Majutsu No Index / Cyber troopers Virtual-On News of this collab, suprised VO-MC and is welcomed news. This means... A new VO story? New celeb pilots? A anime movie? New game? We hope the answer is yes to all. This collaboration brings to mind Capcom's wonderful Cyberbots game (arcade & Sega Saturn), memorable pilot stars in fighting mechs. Tho jib-jab between battling pilots in Index / VO, I presume will have a little more depth & substance than Cyberbots. I p r e s u m e . OVERWORKED! Unsolicit

VO-MC's VO DOJO & Arcade FORCE 4 Tournament!

Dojo full of food, drink, friends, family and Virtual-On arcades. After a few hours of indulging our selves in a few mortal sins and training, was time for all present be put to the test! THE VO4 TEAMS ROSTER: Lee&Jose Monttell&Jacob Montasia&Nathan Katie&Arman Anna&Josejr Jorge&Sam Lee&Jorge Other divulging onlookers were said to be present. Dan, Shig and his posse. VO-MC thanks all who came to this lastest VO Thing and made ROUND 2 as good as it gets! Oh, remember fellas, if the authorites ask... what happened here? You just say "nothin".

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 VIRTUAL-ON-DOJO is US VO Center /LIVE Opponents battle FACE to FACE