Twin Stick... A Controller Operated by Enthusiasts! Or Something Else?

Always love the Twin Stick! But this week, I was challenged to understand the stick I had seen. The operator of this Electric Cat stick, I don't envy. Not only the feeding your ECTB but changing it's litter box! I'd pass on this but if worth @MORI_VOW to tweet, it's worth a look! Late to the show. @MORI_VOW own feline is now presented in this post. Here you go

2015/12/22...Any Chance This Calendar Date becomes a Sega Celebrated Memorial Sized Great Day?

365 days until Virtual-On's 20th Memorial. Sega has been watching other game developers produce mecha battler games since their 2001 arcade game to console: Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force 4 Memorial Box 15 landed on Xbox 360 back in 2010/12/22. Konami comes in with Vic Troopers (arcade) English: , Hasbro- Transformers and Bandai with ALL their Gundam arcade and console games

VOBIGPARTY! Can Only Do What We Can.

A Big congradulations to @igusachan and all that attended 11 month early 20th Memorial VO release party! I've said at times, "come Hell or high water I'll do it!"(wanting to go to the party). But in this case, the Hell and high water happened to be the entire Pacific ocean that stopped me from saying, I'll do it. Never-the-less the party must go on and of course... it did, without me. All I have is my imagination of how the festivities went. Nice place with friends/opponents, talk a little smack, have a few drinks and some grub, yeah that's what I imagine. Well anyway, to memorialize the occasion, a video has been created! Actually anyone can make their own video cele b

2014/12/22 バーチャロン・ONE-MAN-RESCUEのOP(仮) (瓦さんごめんなさい) 今年でオラタンリリースから15年ってことで、ちまちま作ってみました。バーチャロン・OMRのOPです。(実はまだ作りかけですけど。目標としてはOPからキャラセレ後の出撃シーンまで)いろいろ来年はチャロン20周年ですのでそろそろ出てくれないかなーっと勝手に思ってます。まだ音とか全然入ってないし(作る能力がないので)多分ブロックノイズがひど過ぎて何が何だかになってます。 Video Title and descripition translated: English Virtual-on ONE-MAN-RESCUE OP (provisional) ( tile's sorry ) This year in oratan releases from that's 15 years, neatly made. It is a virtual on OMR OP. ( actually still make sense though. As goals from OP carousel after sortie scene until ) variously chalong 20th anniversary is next year so soon?!-I and selfishly I'm. It is still or sound at all like insulators ( capable of produc

The 90's wasn't all bad. Pelikan13 shows a bit was good!

Twistedsymphony, member of Oratan Forums files a report that catches the eye. The 90's Arcade Racer developer Pelikan13 whose game is being funded by kickstarter, shows he must be a VO fan. Take a look. twistedsymphony


VIRTUALON-MEGACORP WELCOMES YOU TO THE NEW HOME OF EVERYTHING \\ VIRTUAL-ON // They say Rome wasn't built in a day. I can rightfully say this place wasn't either. Construction of VO-MC still continues. You are welcome to wade thru the dust and you may even find a jewel or two to see on this site. I hope you enjoy your visit to VO-MC! I thank you in advance! Now, the business notes. Membership to VO-MC will provide additional privilages in the future. Most of the site is open to all visitors. Reserved areas are for members only. RENTARIA and RENTARIA2 are open to all who visit VO-MC for limited period of time. Best Regards, The Management

What did you tell Santa you want for Christmas?

If it was to get you Temjin D-SPEC for Christmas, the wait shouldn't be long now! Seems like a tradition, Japan manufacturer to release a product a few days before the 25th of Dec. Our brothers on the Island Nation probably will have theirs under the tree on Christmas. Everyone else may have their Christmas extended. Seems would be worth the wait. If have to... MEGAHOUSE Product Descripition Variable action D-SPEC series, from the monumental work of 3D robot action game "Cyber troopers virtual-on marz temjin 747 J" is introduced. Condensed moves to deform a concept traditional VA technology. The poses can be reproduced. Chibi's shape and adhere to the settings, while new balance of head a

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