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July 21, 2018

Not just one set of VOOT arcades at the Southwest's BIGGEST gaming event, Game On Expo... it gets TWO VOOT arcade sets!

VO-MC presents to all Cyber Trooper pilot/fighters who attend Game On Expo from the Aug.10th to the 12th... four, read it again...FOUR... VOOT arcades (2 pair)!
Cab set 1)
M.S.B.S. 5.2 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram is the first Sega arcade set released in 1998, and the Latest follow up...
Cab set 2)
M.S.B.S. 5.66 2000 EDITION!
This is a VO Double bang! VO-MC's Double bang controbution is included for the single cost of a Game On Expo addmission (day or weekend pass)!

Count it friends... 3 day event and 4 VOOT cabs! There ought to be a law!

This will be Cyber Trooper's MAYHEM Tournament first shows at GOEAZ! Everyone can hone their skills on all 4 cabs (free Play)... but C.T. MAYHEM Tou...

October 27, 2017

Akihabara/Shinjuku (Tokyo) JAPAN "BATTLE Tour" February 9th and 19th 2018! (Japan's calendar dates)

Are you a big time Sega and Virtual-On fan?  You've always wanted to visit Sega of Japan's "holy grail" of arcade centers... but hesitated.  Not because "the monetary investment" involved... was the fear of culture shock by going at it… ALONE!  Fear no more.  Now is your chance to be part of a Western crew on "Zero ground" Japan!  We will battle together with and against our Japanese brothers and sisters… on all Virtual-On arcades found in Sega's "holy grail" of game centers in Akihabara and Shinjuku/ Tokyo! Yes... of course.. other's game centers too.  
Also on the agenda… swizzle noodles in ramen shops, drink sake bombers, visit Japanese Punk/Metal institutions and EVEN… window shop till one of the crew drops!...

May 17, 2017

ZAPCON 5 ( www.zapcon.com ) Mesa Arizona, April 29th & 30th of 2017. This was the Fifth year of Arizona's Largest Exclusive Arcade/Pinball annual Event! Over 300 arcades & pinballs set to FREE PLAY! Last year was a Virtual-On Blast! This year the VO Blast was Bigger! Live Streamed (broadcast) Cyber Trooper's MAYHEM from Zapcon!

                      DAY 1 and DAY 2 Streamed, recorded and prepared for your viewing


January 28, 2017

Initial Zapcon 5 information is in the VO-MC Forum. The DON of VO-MC is hard at work making preparations for the event. When finalized ready to display, this post will be updated. Stay Tuned! Check the link for now:  http://www.virtualon-megacorp.com/post/vomc-hosts-voot-vo-vo4-zapcon-5-arizonas-classic-arcade-and-pinball-convention-8394741?pid=1294649906

July 30, 2016

Rare, wonderful and expensive controllers called Twin Stick have a rich history and it's mysteries. Sega introduced it to the world back in the 90's. The twin stick controller was attached to all Sega manufactured Virtual-On arcade cabinets  Virtual-On (aka OMG) 1995, Oratorio Tangram 1998 and Force 4 in 2001. Sega also released or licensed the Twin Stick for home console and PC use along with/and the specific ports of their games. But only in Japan.

Since 1997, if you wanted to use these gems, that make playing Virtual-On games feel as your actually piloting the Virtuaroid as opposed to operating a Virtuaroid by remote control using the game pad, you had to import a twin stick.

If you have been the "lucky one" (in the West) out of all your friends to shell out mucho dinero to own a twin stick, most instructional literature for twin sti...

April 26, 2016

In it's forth year of ZAPCON.com event/party operations, VO-MC affords the time to not only attend but becomes a ZAPCON partner contributor! This VO-MC opportunity was a can't miss! Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram to rock the house?!

Many students were new to Virtual-On and then there were old fellas present who said, "I used to play". Now each have fresh and exciting VO memories! Man, turn the lights-on and open the doors there I was training pilots from the get-go! To some was a refresher course others a completely new experience.

The yatter was awesome coming from everybody,"is that Virtual-On? Check out those twin sticks!" "Wow, what kinda controller is that? I only played with a game pad." Well during these two days, seems that all became very familiar in operating the twin stick controller. And I could not be any happier!


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